Everyone deserves good care

The meaning of Cocune

The name Cocune was chosen carefully and has a twofold meaning. On the one hand we would like you to experience that silky soft feel provided by the thread of a cocoon, and on the other we want to transform your skin from dry and chapped to silky soft.

Benefits of Cocune

Our products have been developed to protect your skin and contain all the ingredients for daily care.

  • Complete product line
  • Quality
  • Service & Interest

Applications of Cocune



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Waterless Washing

Water and soap are not always available or pleasant. Cocune has developed products which give you the same fresh, clean and silk soft feeling after traditional washing. You can use these products where and when you want.


Applications in your industry

Complete product line

Cocune has a complete product range of personal care products, once started for healthcare professionals, but now accessible to everyone.

Everyone young or old deserves a silky skin. Especially for a skin that has a lot to endure, has Cocune an appropriate solution.