Enjoy complete relexation

Anyone who travels and uses hotels expects a friendly reception and hopes for silky soft sheets. During your travel it would be pleasant to refresh yourself with Cocune waterless wash gloves or hand wipes.

Of course we would like you to experience the silk soft feeling of the Cocune products during your stay in a hotel. Our handcream in a small tube (25 ml) for example gives you that silk soft feeling.

Incontinence wipes

Cocune’s incontinence wipes are ideal for quick, effective and soft cleaning. The incontinence wipes contain a protective cream which protects the skin against unpleasant liquids and [...]

Barrier cream

Besides our hand cream and wash lotion we have developed a barrier cream for extremely dry, sensitive or damaged skins. The cream forms a film on the skin and protects against moisture. You [...]

Wash & Care Foam

Cleansing foam for normal or sensitive skin. Perfect for removing faeces or obstinate dirt. Shake can before use and spray foam onto the skin from a distance of 10 cm. Wipe and dry skin the skin.