Looking for a challenge

Cocune products are a reward after an athletic performance. Your skin deserves the extra attention after this performance. Our complete product line gives you the opportunity to refresh directly after your exercise or to take a well-deserved shower with our personal care products.

If you would like to freshen up quickly after running or cycling, our waterless wash gloves or refreshing hand wipes provide the answer. For the shower we have a wonderful wash lotion that foams lightly and nourishes.

Skin Protection Foam

In this day and age, good hand hygiene is very important, but frequent hand washing can cause skin irritation and skin damage. To protect your hands, you can use traditional hand cream or barrier [...]

Wash lotion

A wonderfully light foaming lotion for cleaning, nourishing and protecting your skin. Ideal for the shower or as hand soap. It is best to apply the wash lotion on a mildly moist skin, massage [...]

Barrier cream

Besides our hand cream and wash lotion we have developed a barrier cream for extremely dry, sensitive or damaged skins. The cream forms a film on the skin and protects against moisture. You [...]

Hand cream

Do you suffer from dry chapped hands? Try our hand cream and the silky soft feel of Cocune. The hydrating hand cream offers excellent protection for skin that comes into frequent contact with [...]