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Everyone feels the need for relaxation or the feeling of freedom and we all seek this in our own way. People who travel a lot need to freshen up at different times during their trip.

During a long-haul flight it is lovely to freshen up with a refreshing hand cloth or hand wipe.

Some people go on a long trek and want to travel as light as possible. In those cases refreshing hand cloths and shampoo caps come in handy, as they take up very little room.

We also thought about families who go on long journeys. Children love to eat or drink something in the back seat, but they often end up with dirty faces and hands. We developed the extra large wipes for that purpose, they are very convenient for cleaning faces and hands. We also have the small hand wipes for on the road.

Applications of Cocune

Shampoo caps

Cocune shampoo caps enable patients’ hair to be washed conveniently and without mess, without them having to leave their beds. The inside of the cap is impregnated with a special shampoo [...]