Water and soap are not always available or pleasant. Cocune has developed products which give you the same fresh, clean and silk soft feeling after traditional washing. You can use these products where and where you want.

Moisturizing wipes

Cocune moisturizing wipes are of the highest possible quality. The wipes can be used both for light and for heavy soiling. Since they are lightly perfumed, the wipes can also be used to quickly [...]

Refreshing hand wipes

Cocune’s refreshing hand wipes are ideal for cleaning your hands quickly and effectively. The wipes come in packs of 15, with a resealable fastener for ease of use. Your hands will feel [...]

Hand cream

Do you suffer from dry chapped hands? Try our hand cream and the silky soft feel of Cocune. The hydrating hand cream offers excellent protection for skin that comes into frequent contact with [...]